All about me!

Wayne has always been fascinated with painting. At the tender age of five he discovered a treasure trove of discarded paint cans with which he splattered over everything in sight, including himself. Wayne was awarded a B.F.A. degree in Graphic Design from Concordia University and almost immediately began working as a freelance advertising illustrator at some of MontrĂ©al’s largest agencies. He soon developed a solid reputation for being an accomplished artist capable of anything from finished TV storyboards to acrylic and airbrush final artwork, all the while honing his painting skills on a wide variety of personal projects.  

Wayne later made the jump to TV animation and spent over twelve years polishing his design and drawing skills as a senior location artist, winning a “Daytime Emmy Award” certificate for his work 
on the popular children’s series Arthur. After teaching himself to use the 21st century artist’s most essential tools he crossed over to the world of digital animation and illustration while continuing to spend considerable time on his own paintings. Powerful creative software, such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator have become central to his oil painting process, making composition and colour decisions quicker and easier. Indeed some of his more recent, and more experimental work is planned, designed, and rendered exclusively on the computer.

Wayne continues to reach for new horizons in his art, going beyond just what the eye can see 
and by merging balanced and harmonious design with the chaotic energy of the brush stroke.

All original Oil paintings include framing in the price.

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