Photoshop Sketches for Painting

I often start out with sketching in Photoshop before I move on to my oil paintings. It's a great all around tool for quick colour and composition ideas. I also use Illustrator if I need precise details for gears, wheels etc.

"The Lute Player"



"Old City Express"
Photoshop Sketch
12" X 24"

There are several of these "sketches" which I prefer to the final oil paintings.

I really wanted to paint bright orange against the blue night sky.

Some times I do several different versions of my subject matter before 
I choose the final for a painting.

I dropped the British rail logo in after the colour sketch was
 done then I adjusted the perspective.

I've done a couple of these paintings, the angle intrigues me.

I've done several images of trains coming through waterfalls. I always thought it was such an interesting visual.  This one was left at the sketch stage.

Couple more..

Colour rough for "Working Late"

I started this one in oils on masonite board but wasn't happy with the results.

I was originally going to keep this one solely as a Photoshop
 illustration but decide to do a version in oils: "Silent Steam".

Sometimes the colours work better in Photoshop.

I started then sketch for this painting but when I roughed out the colour version I lost interest
The composition was a little too static.

I like both versions of this one.

Colour sketch for "Northern Express"

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